Current Projects

  • 2014-Present | Self-Regulation and Academic Success (SAS) in Higher Education

– Coordinator: N. Hall; Collaborators: R. Stupnisky
– Three sets of studies evaluating the effects of (1) motivational and affective variables on academic and personal development in pre-tenure faculty (McGill, Concordia, U.S./CA faculty online), (2) motivational, self-regulation, and procrastination variables on psychological adjustment in faculty (international, online), and (3) graduate students (international, online), with recruitment facilitated by social media (Twitter, Facebook)
– Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant (2013, 2020)
– Status: International data collection complete (N ~9K, 80+ countries); publications underway

  • 2013-2019| Online Motivational Programs for First-Year University Students

– Coordinator: N. Hall; Collaborators: Various [link]
– Evaluates the longitudinal effects of web-based motivational programs on personal and academic development (Registrar Data) for university students across Canada (e.g., McGill, Concordia, Laval, Brock, Alberta, Simon Fraser, Athabasca), expanding to Germany and U.S. in collaboration with grant partners (e.g., Canada: CACUSS, McGill FYO, Simon Fraser VP Office; U.S.: NRC-FYE-ST; Germany: DSW, UK, UM)
– Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant (2013) / SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (2013)
– Status: 2014-2015 McGill data collection complete; publications underway